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IMPORT-EXPORT & WOODEN PRODUCTS AGENFOR®, promotes and distributes Quality Round Logs, Wooden Products and other Ground Products in Spain, European Union and Foreign Markets. Import & Export Forestry Products Agency. AGENFOR®, as a big solid partner offer the producers and customers, to both of them, a careful and optimum service, including the inspection in origin if requested. EXPERIENCE & QUALITY PRODUCTS AGENFOR®, offers asked quality in forestry and wood products according demand, for wide type of products and large species variety. Products which vary from round and squared logs to elaborate sawn timbers and dimensions, from peeling and slicing veneers until finished products like strips, parquet, flooring, decking, mouldings, doors, windows, pieces and items, furniture, houses, etc. Such ground fruits as cocoa and coffee or others as caoutchouc (rubber). We satisfy all specific request you want relatives to quantity, dimensions, colour, uniformity, product composition and delivery items. Always giving the greatest importance to the product quality. Contact Us Our History About Us: Our History - AGENFOR Import & Export Forestry Products AgencyEstablished since 1.971 as Agency for Import and Export of Forestry Products, AGENFOR® starts in West Africa with round logs and sawn timbers for Spain and European markets to continue after South America with sawn timbers and solid doors and evolving finally through flooring and veneers for the American, Indian and Asiatic markets. About Us: Our History - AGENFOR Import & Export Forestry Products AgencyAGENFOR®, has more than 35 years experience in the marketing and sourcing of forestry and wooden products, serving diver markets in Europe, America, Africa, India, Middle East, South East Asia, China and Japan. Solid partner The AGENFOR® success is above all founded on expertise of Mr. Luis F. Pascual Piñeiro who has over 45 years experience in forestry works, wood industry and commercial markets. Throughout the years Agency has earned the trust of producers and customers, both them. AGENFOR® has a very important portfolio of clients and suppliers, which permit to can provide best worldwide suppliers and clients for your wishes on import-export forestry and wooden products and for ground products too. Quality products AGENFOR® offers quality forest & wood products from a wide variety of species. The quality products vary from simple rough sawn timber to the finished products such as flooring, decking & furniture items. Always given utmost importance to products quality We‘re currently selling our products around the world To many very satisfied customers. Our products Log: Round logs in all commercial species, with good quality to elaborate & produce lumbers, board, veneers, plywood, solid parquet and floating, strips, components, piece parts and other items utilized on furniture industry, etc. Lumber: Hardwood and Softwood in all species. Hardwood lumbers in commercial standard widths and thickness and plus custom sizes want to meet your requirements. Veneer: Sliced veneers, half rotary cut veneers and peeling veneers in many hardwood species, from both origins temperate areas or tropical, as well eventually sawn veneers under demand. Other wood products: We distribute some other wood products too, like plywood, MDF, floorings, doors, windows, premanufactured pieces, etc. WOOD SPECIES Most species are available with both plain-sawn and quarter-sawn cuts, in clear, select and character grades. African species: African mahogany (Khaya), African Teak (Iroko), Acajou, Afrormosia, Aniegré, Apa, Ayous (Obeche), Azobe, Badi/Bilinga, Bosse, Bubinga (Kevazingo), Dabema, Dibetou, Doussié, Etimoe, Eyong, Fraké, Ceiba, Iatandza, Kosipo, Makoré, Moabi, Okoumé, Ovengkol (Amazakoue), Padouk, Samba, Sapelli, Utile, Teak (Tectona Grandis), Tiama, Wenge, Zebrawood… American species: Ash, Carolina pine, Cerejeira, Cherry, Grey elm, Red elm, Maple, Oregon , pine (Douglas fir), Pearwood, Red oak, White oak, Redwood, Tauarí, Tulipwood, Yellow Pine, Walnut, White ash, … South America species: Acajou, Amapa, Angelim Vermeilho, Cedro, Garapa, Guaruba, Ipe, Jatoba, Muirapiranga, Tatajuba,... European species: Ash, Birch, Steamed beech, White beech, Cherry, Eucaliptus, Plane, Spruce, Fir, Pine, Oak, Pearwood, Spanish walnut, Sycamore, … African Species Click on image for a larger view … African Species: Acajou African Species: African Teak (Iroko) African Species: Aformosia African Species: Aniegré African Species: Bubinga Acajou African Teak (Iroko) Afrormosia Aniegré Bubinga African Species: Dibetou African Species: Doussie African Species: Etimoe African Species: Eyong African Species: Kosipo Dibetou Doussié Etimoe Eyong Kosipo African Species: Makoré African Species: Moabi African Species: Okoumé African Species: Ovengkol (Amazakoue) African Species: Padouk Makoré Moabi Okoumé Ovengkol (Amazakoue) Padouk African Species: Sapelli/Sapele African Species: Teak (Tectona Grandis) African Species: Tiama African Species: Wengue African Species: Zebrawood Sapele/Sapelli Teak (Tectona Grandis) Tiama Wenge Zebrawood FEATURED SERVICES Featured Services - AGENFOR Import & Export Forestry Products Agency By doing business with us, you benefit for our remarkable flexibility. As an intermediary, we’re closer to you and the better understand of your needs. We offer a full line of products thanks to our vast supply network. We satisfy all request quickly, because costumer satisfaction is the key element in all we do. We can offer you random quantities as well as you want in practically all species and sizes. We are backed by over 35 year’ worldwide experience. MARKET AROUND THE WORLD Market - AGENFOR Import & Export Forestry Products Agency From the Seventies AGENFOR® search around the World the most interesting quality products for his clients from different Countries. AGENFOR®, daily live the market situation as own interest because business and profits of our friends are ever a personal affair. Every day morning we stars to work thinking, What are today of interest for our friends? Import & Export Forestry Products Agency, our World and the work forever we love. EVERY CONTINENTS AGENFOR®, by the years has developed contacts with forestry and ground producers and user from every Continents, which keep as personal friends. Business depends of eventual market situation each moment and for punctual demands, offers & wishes. Generally Africa supply raw material (logs, timbers, etc.) and buy technical engineering and factories (hand key). Asia buy round logs, sawn timbers & veneers and send half-finished products mainly plywood and panels. Europe deliver some other raw materials for their elaboration (European logs), half-finished (veneers, parquet flooring, etc.), completely end (doors, flooring) and entirely finished (furniture). America send products (logs, lumber & veneer) and SouthAmerica is mostly exporter all sort raw materials (round logs, sawn timbers, strips, parquet flooring, veneers, etc.) and other finish goods (solid doors, mouldings, etc.). Finally Australian Continent is mainly seller and exporter of their typical veneer species. TO MANY COUNTRIES AGENFOR®, provides from Wooden International Market to many Countries around the World all sorts of forestry raw materials, half-finished products and manufactured products to first wooden factories, second line wood products and final manufacturers of doors, windows. floorings, furniture, etc., same that other forest ground fruits and products like cocoa and coffee bean or raw rubber balls (caoutchouc). PRODUCT PRICES LOGS & LUMBERS Market - AGENFOR Import & Export Forestry Products Agency This actual very global market, changing every day for offers and prices, no permit normalised prices never us to have at presently standard prices for products we sale. AGENFOR®, ever wants it but movements of availability and stocks at each moment make not possible to offer here general prices for wooden products to clients. Nevertheless click on Offers link to know currents at moment on logs, lumbers, veneers, doors, parquet, flooring, mouldings, plywood, panels, etc., please. This link we speak would be maintained you informed for the best propositions on supplier products we can offer you. Prices normally are in Fob origin port basis, as habitual in the market, being by account of customer expenses and costs for stowage, maritime freight rate, unstowage, unload and Customs dispatch if there are ones. Al products buy by our mediation accomplish international rules for sustainable norms & regulated environment forms. VENEER, PLYWOOD & PANELS Of similar manner happen for Veneer, Plywood and Panels motif same for that AGENFOR® can’t edit here a general list of prices for each ones because its and besides of, both them, the diversity and quantity of species, dimensions and qualities in presence at market for offer and demand. That’s reason to no can give here general prices which by other side aren’t habitual at this market but we ask you please click also on link Offers to know the last better propositions we can offer you at present moment for the different grates, matters, rates, etc. for different goods here above. TO MANY COUNTRIES Likewise due to variety and diversity of flooring’ and parquet’ products at market, AGENFOR® has not a possibility to offer all its on this page and ask you please to see on referred link Offers to know last one we can propose you with our habitual conditions of sale, for high quality and keeping international environment rules for a sustainable bush feeling of raw materials and for ground products too. Special Offers VENEERS Sliced in Spain from African logs Specie : KHAYA / Acajou Quality : Extra quality veneers Thickness : 0.5 mm. slicing thick Widths : good wide Lengths : panel and door lengths Prices: EUR 2.20 per sqm FOB Note: A Customer’s reception always is possible Recomend Offer | RSS Feed SAWN TIMBERS from Equatorial Guinea Republic, West Africa Specie : ADJAP / Moabi Quality : First Quality Thickness : 75 mm. Widths : 12 cm. and wider Lengths : 2.20 m. & longer (mostly 2.20 m.) Prices: EUR 450.00 per cbm FOB Bata Note: There are the possibility to make goods inspection in the port of origin were it by customer or made by us at your name and account. Recomend Offer | RSS Feed Round Logs From Republic of Liberia, West Africa Specie: EKKI / Azobé Quality: LM / B+ Lengths: 5.00 meters & longer Diameters: 5-8% 30-35% 30-35% 15-20% 10-15% 60/69 cm. 70/79 cm. 80/89 cm. 90/99 cm. 100 cm.+ Prices : by diameters on FOB Buchanan60-69 cm. 70-79 cm. 80-89 cm. 90 cm. + EUR 90.00 per cbm EUR 110.00 per cbm EUR 120.00 per cbm EUR 130.00 per cbm Note: An inspection in origin harbour is possible by customer or by ourselves in your account. Recomend Offer | RSS Feed